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Express Las Vegas Bail Bondsman Service
Express Las Vegas Bail Bondsman Service

Express Las Vegas Bail Bondsman Service is available to help those in the city and surrounding area secure a release from jail even at any time of the day. Legal problems and run-ins with the law might occur at any time. Upon being arrested, the first thing that comes to mind is how to get out of jail. With the help of a reputable bail bondsman, an option does exist for those in trouble.

What is a Bail Bond?

A bail bond refers to the payment of a set amount of many by a bondsman to the court. The court requires a bail amount in order to release a defendant from county jail pending an appearance in court for trial or a hearing.

How does a Bail Bond in Las Vegas work?

Bail bonds in Las Vegas are acquired by seeking out a service that puts up the full amount of the bail for a set fee. Express Bail Bonds, for example, would pay a $10,000 bail amount with an agreement to receive the $1,500 the law in the state of Nevada will allow for compensation.


Local Jails in the Las Vegas Area

There are three local jails in the regional area: the City of Las Vegas Detention Center, the Clark County Detention Center, and the Henderson Detention Center.

The entire process of acquiring Las Vegas bail bonds is simple. Upon placing a call to the bail bonds service, steps will be taken to arrange the posting of the bond. The process is very straight-forward and the bondsman will handle the vast majority of the work.

Express Service Las Vegas Bail Bondsman Marc Gabriel
Express Service Las Vegas Bail Bondsman Marc Gabriel

How to get an Inmate Out of the Local Jails

Those who may never have dealt with the court system before could be wondering what they have to do in order to secure their release or the release of a loved one from jail. Paying the full bail bonds amount is one option and it is a very costly one. Most people are likely going to be unable to afford doing so. Another option that exists would be to hire a lawyer – and enormous expense – to ask the judge to waive the bail amount. There is absolutely no guarantee that the judge will see things the attorney’s way and the attorney is going to charge a high fee regardless of the situation.

The third option is to work a Las Vegas bail bondsman. A bail bondsman will charge 15% of the bail amount and for the express service of putting the remaining balance up. As soon as this is done, the person who was placed in custody is going to be released within a reasonable amount of time. This is how Las Vegas bail bonds work. Again, the process is a fairly simple one. The costs end up being less than hiring an attorney and no one has to feel short on funds waiting for the bond amount to be refunding at a trial date possibly months away.

How expensive is a Las Vegas Bail Bond?

The total cost for procuring bail bonds in Las Vegas is going to be based on the actual amount of the bail as put forth by the courts. Under Nevada law (NV LAW NRS 697.300.), a Las Vegas bail bondsman may charge 15% of the total bail. If bail is set at $50,000, then the cost of the bond would be $7,500. Bail set at low amounts such as $1,000 would cost $150.

Are there payment options?

Payment options for Las Vegas bail bonds do exist. The defendant or someone representing the defendant is able to pay the bail amount online, over the phone, or in person. Financing is also available for those who do not have the funds to pay the full amount at once. Instead, the 15% is paid in installments over a set period of time.

Express Las Vegas Bail Bondsman Service

eBAIL remains one of the top services for bail bonds in Las Vegas. eBail is fully insured and is also accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Anyone in need of bail may contact the office 24/7. The process of posting bail will begin immediately. A release may be acquired within a reasonable amount of time, although weekends and holidays could delay the release.

Express Service Las Vegas Bail Bondsman Marc Gabriel
Express Service Las Vegas Bail Bondsman Marc Gabriel