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If you need a felony Bail Bonds in Las Vegas, eBAIL Bail Bonds is there to help you out! It happens, people get in trouble every second of every day, and often there is no way around it. As humans, we make mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes can cost our loved one’s money that we really do not have. However, there are services and people who are there to help in circumstances like this, and one of those services is eBAIL Bail Bonds. They offer high-quality service for all different types of bail bond services.

What are Felony Bail Bonds in Las Vegas?

There are thousands of bail bonds in Las Vegas to choose from; however, not all bail bonds in Las Vegas are equal in their quality and service. If someone ends up getting themselves into big trouble and winds up with a felony charge they need to hire a Las Vegas bail bondsman who specializes in felony bail bonds. That is where eBAIL Bail Bonds comes into play, the owner Marc Gabriel specializes in felony bail bonds all throughout Las Vegas. They are the top rated Las Vegas bail bonds service in Las Vegas and specialize in felonies.

How to get Released from Jail in Las Vegas

If someone does end up getting arrested in Las Vegas for a felony, there are three options to get out of jail, the first one being paying the full amount to be released, the second being pay 15% of the bail amount, and the third is to hire a defense attorney. It comes with no surprise that paying off the full amount or hiring a defense attorney for a felony charge is going to be ridiculously expensive. Paying the 15% of the bail amount with a Las Vegas bail bondsman is probably going to be the most reasonable solution.

How long does it take to be released from a Las Vegas jail?

Once the 15% of the bail amount is paid, it can take anywhere from six to sixteen hours for the inmate to be released, depending on the day of the week or if there are any difficulties inside the jail. Las Vegas bail bonds are essential because they help reunite family and friends with their loved ones quickly. It is important to remember that the defendant must attend the trial or the bondsman may use a variety of legally approved methods to obtain repayment of the full amount of bail.

Why choose eBAIL for Felony Bail Bonds?

So out of all the bail bonds in Las Vegas why would someone go with eBAIL Bail Bonds? Out of all the Las Vegas bail bondsman eBAIL Bail Bonds is highly experienced with felony bail bonds, once a family sits down with one of eBAIL Bail Bond’s employees they will help them track down their loved one, find out how much is owed for their release, and why they are incarcerated.

Also, eBAIL Bail Bonds will work with family and friends if the 15% can not be paid all at once, they will work with you on payment arrangements so that families can be reunited as quickly as possible. Marc Gabriel and his staff understand the strain that an arrest can cause on a family; however, they are fully licensed and ready to help, with the experience to back up their services. So if a family member or a friend is need of Las Vegas bail bonds service, do not hesitate to call Marc Gabriel at eBAIL Bail Bonds, you will not be disappointed with the quality of service you receive.

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